USA 4 Corners Tour Daily Trip Report - 8/12 /05

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Kingsland GA
to Currituck, NC

615 miles / 10 hours, 27 minutes

I woke up early and left at 4:30 AM. I was able to cross all of Georgia before daylight. I had planned to meet Skip and didn't want to be late, so we would have time to talk for a while. There was quite a bit of fog right after sunrise, but it burned off pretty quick.

Traveling thru South Carolina is really nice. Don't know why, but the entrance and exit ramps are the most scenic in the whole country. Not all of them have fountains flowing, but they seem to all have unique landscaping and well maintained flower beds. Sometimes it is a shame to just zoom past them at 70 miles per hour.

Met up with Skip about 6:00 PM at Hertford, NC., and we rode for about an hour, while he showed me the way to his home, We had a terrific steak dinner and I was able to meet his whole family. What a great guy to let me crash in his home for the night. Skip, I really owe you one!

Cumulative motorcycle return waves today: 187

map of Kingsland GA to Currituck, NC

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