USA 4 Corners Tour Daily Trip Report - 8/14/05

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Raritan, NJ
to Bangor, ME

570 miles / 8 hours, 7 minutes

I have to say that the motel in Raritan was a disappointment, because it was a poorly maintained room, including loose knobs in the shower and an uninspired staff. Well, at least it was just a short stay and I hit the road early in the morning. Headed around New York City and went thru Connecticut and into Rhode Island, where I met up with Jarrod at a local Wendy's. We rode together to Foxboro, MA where we had planned to split apart. He must be the luckiest guy around because before I could get back on the highway, to continue north to Bangor, ME., it started raining and didn't stop for the rest of the night. I have the Weather Band as an audio choice on my wing and the National Weather Bureau issued storm warning # 720, that night.

As long as I am moving because of the fairing's, I really don't get too wet in a light rain. By the time I got into Boston, it became a much harder rain, where traffic came to a standstill, and I was getting soaked. I pulled off the highway so I could keep moving but that was a mistake. The rain was hard enough to knock out power to all the intersections, so it was a traffic nightmare. I have never been in Boston so I didn't know where to go and can't get very far anyway's. Eventually I got back on the highway and just slugged it out and kept on going. One really great part of the Boston ride though \was going over Tobin Bridge - Just amazing! Very high and such a great view of the Harbor.

I got to my motel in Bangor about 10:45 PM after riding in varying degrees of rain for the entire ride from Boston. One cold and wet and dark ride. I used trucks ahead of me to know where the highway was going. Didn't follow too close, because of the splash-back from the wet roads, but if they cornered then I knew a turn was coming for me too.

Cumulative motorcycle return waves today: 212

map of Raritan, NJ to Bangor, ME

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