USA 4 Corners Tour Daily Trip Report - 8/16/05

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Bangor, ME
to Binghamton, NY

525 miles / 11 hours, 1 min

When I use the GPS, I get a choice between shorter and faster routes. I have been sticking to faster, so that I can put away some serious miles, but today I am going to use the shorter distance. The shorter route is almost always more scenic and I have never been to New Hampshire or Vermont so this is going to be fun. There are huge groves of thick trees everywhere you look. After seeing the deep and rich forest countryside, I have to imagine that New England has the best fall colors in the entire country when the trees change color in the fall.

I caught heavy rain for about 10 minutes and light rain for about an hour in Vermont. The GPS (using shortest route) put me onto a dirt road for about 5 miles. It was in good condition, but I only saw 6 other cars along that whole stretch. I learned how to change the "Road Preferences" so that I don't get onto dirt roads as much. Even though it was a shorter ride, it was filled with lots of turns as state highways are sometimes. I rode 525 miles but was exhausted at the end of the day. With all the turns and corners on a state highway in the hills, there is a lot more to pay attention to when you are not riding on the super slab of an interstate highway.

I ran into some heavy fog at the end of the day, between Albany, NY., and Binghamton, NY. it was 59 degrees at 11:30 PM when I finally got to my room. The shorter route sure was nice, but it definitely was not faster. One nice thing was that I saw more bikes today than I have been seeing, so my count of the return wavers went up significantly.

Cumulative motorcycle return waves today: 252

map of Bangor, ME to Binghamton, NY

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