USA 4 Corners Tour Daily Trip Report - 8/19/05

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Eau Clair, WI
to Hibbing, MN

290 miles / 4 hours, 18 minutes

I must have been tired because I slept in till 7:30 AM. Ate breakfast at Embers, which was really good. Those restaurants are not here in Colorado, but try them if you ever get a chance. It was a cloudy day, but no rain which suited me just fine after getting drenched yesterday.

I got up to Duluth, MN and got to see Lake Superior up close and also went up to Enger tower to see the sights from Skyline Parkway. This tower has 115 steps to the top and offers a viewing platform. Unfortunately, there was a lot of fog, so I couldn't get very many good photographs.

The cloudy conditions continued, so I postponed the trip to Split Rock Lighthouse, Silver Bay, & Ely MN till tomorrow, on hopes of better weather conditions. While I was up in Minnesota, I suddenly felt like eating some Mexican food, which is my favorite form of ethnic dining. Mexican food in Minnesota - What was I thinking? They tried really hard, but it just didn't have the sizzle, spark & fire of a good Mexican meal.

Cumulative motorcycle return waves today:315

map of Eau Clair, WI to Hibbing, MN

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