USA 4 Corners Tour Daily Trip Report - 8/23/05

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Cut Bank, MT
to Spokane, WA

470 miles / 10 hours, 0 minutes

Got an early start for the 50 mile ride to St Mary's Montana. Where I stayed, in Cut Bank, is advertised as the coldest spot in the nation, so I expected this to be a very cold morning, but it was not too bad. 47 degrees at the start of the day and it only got warmer, but never got over 75 degrees for the day.

I had never been to Glacier National Park, in Montana but it came highly recommended by my friend Jim. He was so right! Going to the Sun road in Glacier National Park has 50 miles of some of the most beautiful country in the whole country. It actually looks something like Trail Ridge Road, in Colorado, but it has the plus of having 2 beautiful lakes, one on each side of the park and lots of streams and rivers to give a scenic backdrop to the entire roadway.

I finally got to I-90 which takes me to Spokane. I was anxious to make some time, so when I saw a small tanker truck with flashing 4-way lights riding in the slow lane, I poured on some throttle as I planned for my pass. Coming around the corner, I see a State Trooper standing near the road, slowing down traffic by hand trying to manage traffic because a semi trailer coming from the opposite direction had just spilled his load and some of that lumber was actually spilled onto the fast lane on my side of the highway. You just never know what will come around the next corner.

I got to my room in Spokane during the daylight, after missing the exit ramp and taking a short detour. I guess I was getting more tired than I realized, because as soon as I stopped at my room, my bike fell over. Yep, made a classic mistake and forgot to put down the kickstand. I always took pride that I would never do anything that stupid, but now I know better. That 800 pound "Orca" is a load to get back up on its kickstand. I only stand 5'6 and weigh about 160 pounds. Now I was really ready to get some rest for the night.

Cumulative motorcycle return waves today: 392

map to Cut Bank, MT to Spokane, WA

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