USA 4 Corners Tour Daily Trip Report - 8/25/05

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Lacey, WA
to Lincoln City, OR

270 miles / 5 hours, 32 minutes

Rear tire pressure was down 6 lbs today, which is better than yesterday. Tread still looks good. Dunlop Elite III's seem to be holding up well as far as tread goes. Filled up the tire with air and as I was pulling out of the parking lot, I stopped to speak with a rider who was also leaving. He turned out to be competing in the REAL Iron Butt event which is held every 2 years and by invitation only. WOW. Eric ended up with a very respectable 8th place showing in the event. He is also a California Motorcyclist Safety Program Instructor (2000-present) as well as being a FAA Certified Flight Instructor - Airplane Single & Multi Engine Land Instrument. If you are in Hayward, California or if you are on the peninsula, and want to reach him for instruction, please click here.

Rode 25 miles to Centralia, WA to meet with Keith at a local restaurant. Then we rode together all the way to the Ilwaco, WA., near the coast. We switched bikes for a while and I got to ride Diablo for about 60 miles. Fun bike on a fun twisty road, with lots of great scenery . We saw a small herd of about 9 elk, with 3 bulls included. He rode with me for over 100 miles and gets the record for the longest escort that I received on my entire trip. Thanks Keith!

After we parted company I headed out to see the North Head Lighthouse, in Washington. Now I get to start riding the famous Highway 101 also known as Pacific Coast Highway. This is a spectacular roadway leading down the entire coast from Washington to California. We have been on the entire stretch of PCH, but prefer the northern half of the route for it's scenic beauty. With all the scenic pullovers, I only rode 270 miles today. Now that the 4 corners have been completed, I can take it a little slower and enjoy the pace and the views.

Cumulative motorcycle return waves today: 468

map of Lacey, WA to Lincoln City, OR

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