USA 4 Corners Tour Daily Trip Report - 8/26/05

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Lincoln City, OR
to Crescent City, CA

253 miles / 5 hours, 12 minutes

This ride along the Pacific Coast Highway is one that I have been looking forward to for the entire trip. In terms of scenic beauty, this one is in the top 5 for the whole country and may be my all time favorite road. Part of the appeal for me, is that I live as a landlubber in Colorado, so just seeing the ocean is a thrill for me. One huge drawback to riding along the PCH is trying to make any time. All of the scenic views compete for your attention. As an photo buff, it is almost impossible to pass some of these areas without stopping. Here are some pictures of the Oregon Coast.

In Lincoln City, OR., there is a road sign announcing the 45th parallel - midway point between the North Pole and the Equator. At Seal Rocks, OR., the beach was at low tide. I have never seen starfish in the wild before but there were lots of starfish clinging to rocks and getting fat off eating mussels which attach themselves to rocks like barnacles. Seal Rocks is also close to the Sea Lion Caves, where there is a huge population of Sea Lions.

As I ended the day, I headed to Crescent City, CA for my motel room. The GPS failed me again and took me to Laidlaw, Waste. With no offense to the fine things this company does for recycling, I was afraid the motel was going to be a dumpy place. Then I realized the GPS made an error and once again went to the best source of directions in the city - Pizza Delivery. The only problem is talking to young teenage girls, who do not understand that you do not already live there and do not understand landmarks as directions, especially after nightfall. Anyhow I finally found the room and got some needed sleep.

Cumulative motorcycle return waves today: 486

map of Lincoln City, OR to Crescent City, CA

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