USA 4 Corners Tour Daily Trip Report - 8/27/05

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Crescent City, CA
to Elko, NV

665 miles / 11 hours, 24 minutes

Woke up to heavy fog. When the daytime temperature in the valley east of the coast is high, then it produces fog along the coast. I went to get a picture of the Battery Park Lighthouse but it looks more like it belongs in a halloween movie instead. On the way, out of town I take a picture of the highest gas price that I was to see during the whole trip. Little did I know that prices like this would become common around the country. Ouch!

I head over to see Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park, which is just a few miles outside of Crescent City. Whomever they hired as a tree trimmer is just not getting the job done! That's a joke, son. There are several redwood parks along the west coast. If you ever get a chance to see any of them, be sure to do it. There is nothing in the country that compares to seeing a 300 year old tree and the forest they live in.

Saw a lot of smoke from a forest fire, along highway 99, near Selma Oregon. The firefighters are trying to get a handle on it, but it is never easy to stop a fire like that. Colorado is a very dry state, most of our moisture has to travel from the west coast before it gets here, so I can certainly appreciate the efforts of the firefighters.

I saw 2 Bald Eagles today, along hwy 199. One was soaring the updrafts along a river, searching for a quick meal and then an hour later I saw another Bald Eagle soaring with about 6 hawks, circling high over something off the side of the road. I have only seen one Bald Eagle, outside of captivity, in my entire life, so this was a real thrill for me.

Cumulative motorcycle return waves today: 512

map of Crescent City, CA to Elko, NV

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