USA 4 Corners Tour Daily Trip Report - 8/28/05

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Elko, NV
to Loveland, CO

722 miles / 10 hours, 37 minutes

Last day. Well all good things have to come to an end and I will be home by tonight. 6:30 AM start and the tire pressure is holding so I didn't have to put any air in this morning. This bright sunny morning looks perfect for a good long ride. Leaving Elko and heading into the desert, I quickly realize how cold it is. Temperature got down to 39 degrees and was actually the coldest temperature that I have experienced on the whole trip. I was wearing every piece of clothing that I have to try and stay warm. Good news is that it warmed up quickly and soon I was shedding clothes like a stripper.

Crossing into Utah, I pass by the Bonneville Salt Flats, where many speed records have been broken. Heading across Utah, I notice a few state troopers along the side of the highway, but they are used as traffic deterrents instead of revenue generators. They are pointed in a bad direction for a quick takeoff and they are too visible to be trying to hide. Get past the great salt lake and into Salt Lake City for a much needed gas fill up. Heading east out of Salt Lake City often reminds me of riding in Colorado. You head into the mountains and see a lot of farms and ranches.

Wyoming also has state troopers along the side of the road. At least the traffic here is light enough for me to tag a rabbit and let the rabbit lure "Smokey the bear" which helps me avoid any speeding tickets. I notice they have put up more wind turbines to generate power. Seems like such a good idea, especially where the wind seems to always blow.

I get off I-90 at Laramie and follow I-287 south towards home. Between Wyoming and Colorado, I must have seen at least 50 Antelope. None close to the road, but a direct hit with one of those can really ruin your day, so they always warrant my attention.

Well, I hate to end this story and this ride. I have been gone for 25 days and I am glad to be home, but I could also keep on going, if I could just afford it. (I am seeking corporate sponsors to assist me next summer.) It has been a terrific trip. I can only hope that you have enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed writing about it.

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map of Elko, NV to Loveland, CO

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