USA 4 Corners Tour Daily Trip Report - 8/08/05

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Pasadena, TX
to Hammond, LA

462 miles / 9 hours, 27 minutes

Woke up tired but I also knew that I wanted to get past the traffic nightmare called Houston. Because I stayed at the edge of Houston, in Pasadena, TX., it turned out to be easy to leave the metropolis. Passed 3000 miles today since the start of this trip. Started thinking about where to do my next oil change. Last oil change was just 6 days before.

I saw Big Thicket National Reserve today. Traveling across Texas sometimes seems like a time warp, because the southern plains of Texas, all look alike; Hot, dirty and flat. Big Thicket however, is full of huge trees and is very scenic. On the way back from Big Thicket National Reserve, I passed through Beaumont, TX again. This time was different because of all the Police cars that I saw. It turns out there was a bank robbery. Luckily all the speeding cops were heading in the other direction on the highway.

I had wanted to take part in a long time tradition that I had heard of, by dipping the front tire into the ocean, as I approached the Gulf Coast. Well, let me tell you, that is probably one of the dumbest things I did on this trip. My goldwing weighs in at over 800 pounds that big orca is not meant for beach surfing. Most of the beach was hard packed, but in one section, I almost got myself dug in deep. I got the hell off the beach in a hurry and gave up on tradition.

Sabine Nature Reserve in Louisiana is very scenic and seems filled with alligators, although I could only see 3. I did hear many more though. The bugs were biting like mad, so I kept moving for the most part. I was told of a great place to see many alligators, but the walk was just too buggy and I turned back to keep from being eaten alive, by the bugs. This side excursion cost me some time and distance, so I will have to focus on moving forward during the next few days.

Cumulative motorcycle return waves today: 130

Map from Pasadena, TX to Hammond, LA

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