USA 4 Corners Tour Daily Trip Report - 8/09/05

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Hammond, LA
to Ocala, FL

642 miles / 10 hours, 3 minutes

The most amazing coincidence occurred today. I had taken a picture of a morning harbor scene in Pass Christian, MS., and got a picture of a docked boat with a humorous name "Luna Sea", moored in the harbor. About one month later, this same boat was shown in news reports because the ships 79 year old owner tried to outrun the Hurricane Katrina, but he lost his anchor and his motors flooded. He rode out the storm with his two dogs, and the ship ended up onshore. See the story here.

I am finally getting into Florida today. But it took me 4 days and not the 3 days that I had hoped for. My late start leaving California was a big part of this and my scenic side trip into the coast of Louisiana also added to my delay.

Florida has more cops hidden along the highway than any other state, to catch speeders. I stayed between 5 - 10 MPH over the speed limit and never got any tickets. I took a one hour power nap at a highway rest stop. It is amazing what a short nap can do for extending the distance you can ride. In Florida, all the rest stops are manned during the evenings with a Florida State Highway Patrol officer, and while I was trying to get a little shut eye, one came by to see if I needed any assistance. They are there to prevent robbery, mischief and mayhem that was occurring a few years ago at the rest stops, especially to drivers in rented cars.

I stayed in Ocala, FL and Linda (the desk clerk at Days Inn) was extremely helpful! Her fiance and she are both riders and she was the most helpful person that ever assisted me, during my trip. She gave me a better rate than my wife had been able to book online and let me park my bike in front of the main office, where it stayed safe all night long.

Cumulative motorcycle return waves today: 153

Map from Hammond, LA to Ocala, FL

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