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Maniac standing at 4 corners of Ariz, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah

I've ridden from the northen coast of Washington to the Keys of Florida. I've also ridden from the southern corner of California to the northeastern tip of Maine. 43 states so far and what a ride it has been! My reason for riding is that I am more interested in seeing the world, than having the world see me. So photography and motorcycle touring has been a natural combination.

Like many of you, I have ridden in a variety of conditions including, rain, hail, sleet, wind, dust, desert heat and during any of 24 hours of the day. Riding a bike lets your senses be more involved in fulfilling your journey. I like the fact that you can feel the temperature drop, as you dip into a valley and cross over a bridge. Or that you can smell the fragrant fresh pines standing tall in the mountains as you wind your way across the fun filled twisties. MotorcycleManiac exists to share some of what I've seen and experienced.

I now have over 140 different photo galleries so far, with the number growing as time and work permit. Lots of the photos are of motorcycles, but I have included some scenics from National and State Parks, and some wildlife photos too. Plus some other interesting photos.

There is also an extensive list of links, most of which are for motorcyclists of all persuasions. MotorcycleManiac also has the largest listing of Colorado dealers repair and accessory shops to be found anywhere on the internet.

Then there are the Urban Legends about motorcycles, which may not be true, but sure make a fun story to tell.

What good is having a great story to tell, with nobody to listen? MotorcycleManiac includes a growing list of riding clubs, both in the state of Colorado as well as internet based organizations. When a group of motorcycle fans gather, there are sure to be good times. Please note that my focus is on riding clubs, over owner's groups, which you can find plenty of info online in other places.

What good is belonging to a club, if you don't know where to ride? Never fear, as we have a list of favorite rides, as rated by me personally, or even better, some of the Official Scenic Byways of Colorado.

Read about my USA 4 Corners Tour. I have a short daily story about the things and places that I was able to see, including one ship and it's courageous owner, that ended up on the news about 3 weeks later, after being washed 1/4 mile ashore by Hurricane Katrina.

I' ve parked here just long enough to tell you a little about myself. My name is Mark & I have lived in Colorado since 1956. This website is dedicated to some of the scenic beauty of Colorado and the rest of the nation which can be experienced so well while touring by motorcycle.

For me, riding a motorcycle is about seeing instead of being seen. My lovely wife and I have toured 32 different states by motorcycle. There is no better way to see and experience the wonderful country we live in. From the Northwest and the Pacific Coast Highway, to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, this country has a never ending supply of great things to see and do.

Be sure to take time & enjoy some of the Photos included on this website. I've tried to capture some of the scenic beauty of our great country. Some of the most incredible motorcycling roads in the whole country are located here in the Rocky Mountains. Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road
is the highest continuous highway in the entire country. Colorado has more 14,000 foot peaks than any other state and it is also home to 21 different scenic & historical byways. In future weeks, I will be showing more information about some of my Favorite Roads.

MotorcycleManiac has included a list of
articles that are geared towards motorcyclists in general. This is an expanding list of a wide variety of articles. If you would like to be included in this list, send me an article for review. I will give full credit to you if your article or story is chosen to be included.

This website continues to be a labor of love and I am honored to hear from my website visitors.

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