Riding to Alaska - Accommodations
by Bill Hughes

True to its reputation, the way to Alaska can seem like it is out in the middle of nowhere; but finding a place to stay should not be a difficulty. Every small town, most tiny developments, and many simple crossroads have motels or inns, and sometimes B & Bs. And campgrounds are common as well.

If you like to camp out, there are abundant places to do so, even without any reservation. State or provincial parks and commercial RV parks offer tent camping space.

If you want a modern hotel/motel room, they appear frequently on all roads to Alaska. Though remote in terms of being far from population centers, most are thoroughly modern. It will be hard to go 200 miles at any time without seeing a motel or lodge. Space can be more difficult at peak season (early to mid-summer); late season (August - September) is easier.

Prices can be comparable to, or a little more expensive, than those here in the lower 48.

The challenge in forming a trip like this is to plan the riding so that at or near days end there will be a motel. A firm riding plan allows for reserving ahead to be sure of a room, possibly for the whole trip. At the opposite extreme, taking one's chances day by day is also an option. Most likely a riding group would adopt a more moderate plan, preferring to plan and reserve 2-3 days ahead. This probably allows for a reasonable compromise between security in having a room ready, and the flexibility to adjust plans as you go.
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