Riding to Alaska - Fuel and Range Issues
by Bill Hughes

One of your main issues on a long trip like this is fuel cost (although not quite as big an
issue as when I took a motorhome to Alaska). So lets look at fuel cost.

For an estimate of how much fuel you'll need on this trip, divide 7500 miles by your average miles per gallon. Now you have a number of gallons of gas consumed.

In Alaska, the fuel prices are very comparable to the lower 48 states. In Canada, figure on
fuel being about 40% more than here. And about half of your total miles will be in
Canada. SO..................

Figure half your consumption at local prices ($2.70 today, for example) and half at local prices plus 40%. Add the 2 numbers and you have an approximate fuel cost for the trip.

Fuel is pretty well available every 150 miles or so; The lower 48 states are no problem; If you are stretched at all it will be in British Columbia or Yukon. In Alaska anything you visit via paved road is well within these limits.

Although it should not be a major issue, a group should carry a few extra cans of fuel, just in case.
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