A Photographic Journey Into One Man's Passion.


A person who has excessive enthusiasm or desire for something.
A Motorcycle Maniac ! ! !

People enjoy riding motorcycles for many different reasons.
Some enjoy the attention they receive, while others ride just to get away from it all.
There are no right or wrong reasons to ride, but a lot of good reasons to justify it.

This website is for riders and about riding motorcycles around the city, state & country,
then bringing some of those destinations here for you to view.
Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Photos

Everything from motorcycle rides & rallys, spectator events or simply a gorgeous bike that I happened to spot along the road.

Scenic Locations

Motorcycle touring provides some of the best opportunities to see the road. Here you can see photos from all over the country, including many taken inside various state & national parks.

Interesting Photos

While riding around, I discovered many places, people & events whose photos did not cleanly fit into a motorcycle category. They were still worthy of inclusion here.


USA 4 Corners map

Over 8200 miles in less than 20 days.
Officially starting in San Ysidro, CA, then to Key West, FL, Madawaska, ME. & finally finishing in Blaine, WA.



Here is my story...

When I turned 40 years old, (and had been sober for a few years), I had a huge mid-life crisis. Too much work & not enough fun.
I started riding a motorcycle. I enjoyed riding to event, locations & just to get away from it all.
I began to bring my camera, so I could capture the sights I was seeing along the road.
Then I built my first website, so I could share the things I was seeing while on the road.
I have now traveled to 43 of the lower 48 states and hope you enjoy seeing photos from some of the places I have been to, while out on the road.