Colorado Area Riding Clubs

Colorado Area Riding Clubs

Internet Based SIG's
(Special Interest Groups)

CC Riders Motorcycle Club

Was created for all of us who love to ride, but dislike having “conform” to a specific set of “somebody else’s” rules. We accept anyone who shares these feelings. Safety for all is our main priority!

Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club

A special mention for my friend "Lunatic" in Watertown South Dakota. Builder of the first sidecar hack named Metallic Waste, to ride over 1000 miles in 24 hours with a 3 man crew.

Colorado FreeWheelers

The Free Wheelers have more than a 26 year history
(an almost unheard of longevity) for motorcycle clubs
and is the founder of the “1000-in-24” annual endurance run,
doing 1000 plus miles in 24 hours or less, that has run for 21 consecutive years through 2005.

Lost Wheels Motorcycle Club
A group of riders who enjoy riding and really like to have a good time. LWMC is a non-brand specific, "100 percent American Motorcyclist Association"

club with a very diverse membership.

Colorado High Country Cruisers

The internet home for Valkyrie owners and their friends here in Colorado. Our goal is to promote good times and friendships amongst Valkyrie owners in Colorado and beyond; membership is open to any Valkyrie owner and their friends (regardless of type of bike).

Motorcycle Touring Association
Has a large presence online, with Colorado chapters in Loveland & Colorado Springs.
Colorado Mountain Riders
Formed as a spin-off from the Retreads International organization. We have one ‘requirement’, and that’s about it – that our members be 40 years of age, or older.  It’s not that we dislike younger folks – it’s just that we have found many similar interests among people who have been on life’s journey for awhile.
United Motorcycle Club International
UMCI is a group of Motorcycle riders of which one of the family members is at least 40 years of age. Our only Business is "Freedom, Friendship, Food, & Fun". Our Moto is : " Ride Beside Me - Be My Friend".
Colorado VTX Range Riders
Although our name implies the group is only for VTX riders, all motorcycles are welcome. We are a family oriented group and we look forward to meeting and riding with friends, new and old.
Valkyrie Riders Club
Was started because of the need to provide a place where all Valkyrie Riders could band together and share the combined wealth of knowledge about this great motorcycle.
Colorado VTX Riders
A group of motorcycle enthusiasts that share the passion for riding while promoting safety and respecting the differing experience levels and abilities of the individual rider.
Venture Net and The Venturers
Open to all, but committed to owners of the Yamaha Venture, Venture Royale, and Royal Star Venture motorcycles
Front Range Gold
A group of motorcycle riders from the Longmont, Colorado, area. We are a chapter of the Gold Wing Touring Association (GWTA), as well as an affiliated club of the American Motorcycle Association. Our motto is Destination Friendship--and our goal is to have fun!
(Roy Hansen - Thanks for the info)
Vulcan Riders Association
Open to the riders of Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycles (any model, size, sex, race, religion, etc.).
OC Cruizers
The club has no membership dues, no patches and no mandatory events.
Our only requirement is that you ride a Cruizer Motorcycle (any make or brand) and ride safely.
Rocky Mountains Colorado Dykes On Bikes

We are based out of the great Rocky Mountains and the Front Range where we're creating a community of women motorcyclists and friendship across Colorado.  
We support philanthropic efforts in the
LGBT & women's communities and beyond.
We reach out to empower a community of diverse women through rides, charity, Pride events and education.  
Let's ride !!
For more info or an invitation to join the crew, write to us at:

Rocky Mountain Venture Touring Association Was founded in 1984 as a group for Yamaha Venture enthusiasts. The club has evolved into a touring association embracing all makes and models of motorcycles. The only prerequisite for membership is that you ride safely.